Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In the bedroom

Oh stop it. This is about a bedroom remodel of sorts. We're waiting for the arrival of a new bedroom set, from HomeMakers furniture, made by Daniel's Amish. A new dresser that we'll share, taller than standard and two new nightstands. I'm sure I've mentioned it, but I am SO EXCITED to have my own REAL nightstand. I can hardly stand the waiting.  It's set to be delivered on my birthday (July 25th).

Right now, our room looks like we just moved in and have no more money to buy furniture. I didn't want to wait too long to put our old stuff up on craigslist because I wasn't sure how long it would take to sell.  Now that I've sold it, I'm thinking I could have asked for more or waited a week. If you recall, we had two large chests and one nightstand. I took photos and posted them on craigslist on Friday morning and then the husband and I moved out our clothes and moved it all down to the garage. I sold a chest and nightstand by 5pm. I had also previously posted our wrought iron headboard and footboard and that sold on Friday also at 6pm. So I had just one chest to go. And Monday a lovely woman came and took it. No haggling from anyone, just sold it all straight up, it was awesome.  Ok, that's a partial lie - I did come down $10 on the headboard/footboard..but it was 15 years old, still in great shape and I felt like I got my money's worth out of it and I was really really tired of seeing it sitting in my hallway.

So now we have this.

My side, boxes of nightstand gear awaiting a new home.

Husband's side, tv tray for a nightstand since we sold his. ha.

No clothing storage. I bought two bins for now and I intend to reuse them for school supplies and crafts or maybe extra lightbulbs. It's weird how many extra lightbulbs we have, balancing precariously on a storage shelf.
Anyway. I cannot wait. And then I get to figure out what sort of artwork or photography adorns the walls. I'm still not hugely in love with the brown and cream theme, but I love the wallcolor and the blackout curtains are really hopefully I can find artwork to complement and prettify it.

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