Friday, June 8, 2012

The Master: BEFORE

I'm getting antsy about the bedroom furniture. For several reasons. Is it going to come in the right finish? The catalog where the salesman got the codes had a photo that did NOT look like the furniture finish I expect. The wood sample in the store is what I want. That better be what shows up. Anyway, it's time to show you what the BEFORE room looks like. I've started taking down art, clearing out side tables and prepping things to photograph and try to craigslist. I sure hope these giant chests sell.

Here is a fancy drawing I've done of the current room layout. Hopefully this makes the photos to follow a bit more clear. So, you walk into the room, to the right the closet sort of sticks out, making a little corner there - we put the dog water bowl there. The left wall is blank until you get to the bathroom door, the far wall has a large window, and the right wall is blank.  The purple shapes are my homemade nightstand, which is purple (to match old decor) but has just a shelf and isn't very useful and a round 5-drawer stand I was putting polish into. I'm selling that on craigslist and I'll re-use the other shelf in the basement or something for storage of some sort I'm sure. Maybe :)

The wall paint color is called Pralines & Cream but I can't remember the maker right now. I do still have the swatch though. We started out with a cream and purple theme, but the purple comforter ripped and I haven't found anything I love enough or that I'm confident enough matching with curtains to stay in that theme. We remodeled the master bathroom, and I feel that the color schemes need to match in the two rooms. So since we went with a cream and brown theme..that's where we're headed with the bedroom. The comforter and curtains are taken care of. The rest of what you see..goes away.

view from the doorway
view from the se corner, looking to the doorway, bathroom door on right
view from window on far wall, to the door and closet wall
view from se corner toward master bath.
So, I've removed a lot since these photos. The photo above the laundry basket found a new home in the living room, I removed the candle sconces and the curvy ones above the bed. I LOVE the art, but I'm going to swap it for something that matches. The in-laws are moving to town and they have some of the same art, so if they have room in their new house for it, they can use these as well. Otherwise, I'll keep them and find new homes for it. I'm hoping to find some nice art that can go above the bed at least, the other walls I'm not sure of. The art in the first photo to the right of the window is only there because I wanted to use it and didn't have any other walls. We've also removed the 2nd shelf from the TV holder thing. So there is now more room between the jewelry armoire and the tv shelf. That's an XBOX on the shelf - we use it with Windows Media Center and an extender to watch TV in the bedroom.  I also LOVE my lamps, they're clear lucite(?) balls and I think I'll just update the shades when the room is done to something more creamy and maybe I'll add my own brown accent embellishment perhaps. If the candle sconces don't sell on CraigsList I may keep them and paint them brown and hand them on each side of the new dresser mirror if that looks good.

Now, here is a fancy drawing of the room layout AFTER the new furniture arrives.I'll have a matching nightstand and we'll be sharing a sort of oversized dresser. It's being built by Daniel's Amish out of Ohio and we purchased it at Homemakers in Des Moines, IA which is a subsidiary of Nebraska Furniture Mart. It was customizable so we could make it taller/shorter, more drawers, less.. here is a photo of the store display.

store display
We're getting a more brown finish, I don't like the red/cherry tones with my brown/cream theme. So it should be a whiteacre finish on brown maple. We are not buying a chest of drawers, just headboard/footboard, 2 nightstands and dresser. The dresser you see has a top row of a small drawer, long drawer, small drawer. We're changing that so there will be 2 long drawers on top. That way we don't have to share the middle one, we'll each have our own set of 4 drawers.

Hurry up furniture!

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  1. It will look so good! I just picked up some paint samples today and am hoping to start at some point this weekend! Or maybe next week while Husband is out of town so he can't stop me!!! Can't wait to see the finished product