Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jedi Mind School

So we're addicted to Big Brother. Yes, we're aware that it's a horrible show. We're addicted, it is what it is. So each year, we order Showtime so we can watch Big Brother After Dark (BBAD) and see what's going on in the house after hours. Usually, its nothing. Less than nothing. Last night there was still nothing going on, but Rachel and Jeff and Jordan were outside, just talking on the couches. And Jeff was recounting how he talked to Kalia (current HoH) about nominations. He told her, if she puts him up, she becomes his #1 target. The next moment she says, hey, I just want us to be on the same page here. He cannot believe her...I JUST SAID YOU ARE MY #1 TARGET if you put me can she now want to be on the same page. WTF. He says... "She needs to go back to Jedi Mind School. Because her shit ain't working" OMG. We laughed soooo hard. It was perfect, it's how all the houseguests act, like they have jedi mind tricks and they try to work them on everyone at the same time and none of it works.

The husband says he's going to start using that line.

You need to go back to jedi mind school. Cuz your shit ain't workin. 


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