Wednesday, March 26, 2014

too grown up and beautiful

We got back Spring photos for the oldest today. She is so beautiful..and she looks so grown up. I'm a little afraid of our future with such a pretty smart girl.


We've been on spring break and such also, maybe i'll get around to posting about that someday.  It's just so busy with work, and both of them in school.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Too much snow

The snow can stop now. This is too much, we are officially out of places to throw it. The husband keeps having to adjust the snowblower to throw higher and I don't think it can go much higher. We're out of room. We're done. And it's supposed to ice/snow Wed. night again. The kids are never going back to school (snow day yesterday, they're back today) and they'll end up going to school until July.

The snow banks are taller than the trash cans

The snow has just about taken over the mailboxes

The dogs have to have a path shoveled and they still don't want to go.

Friday, January 17, 2014


I am fairly sure...let's say 80%...that my 6yo has been abducted and replaced by a completed different child. Starting in late September and up until last week, I was driving her to school. She had motion sickness and was throwing up on the bus, she even threw up in my car a couple times when I started driving her. This week, I kept her home sick on Monday - we were both sick really - so she could fight her cold just one more day. Tuesday it was super windy and cold, so the roads got a little slick. So there was a two hour delay for school. I suggested maybe she wanted to try the bus, since she slept in and had plenty of time to be ready. She agreed.

She has ridden the bus every day since.


This morning, I took her to the stop (it's four houses down the street, which is awesome) and when we got there her neighbor friend came as well. The 6yo turns to me and says "you can go now".

See, clearly she's been replaced.

I have no words. I am both super excited that I don't have to drive her, super excited that she's growing and learning and comfortable with her friends, the bus (her Grandpa drives it), and school...and I'm also sad, just a teeny tiny bit..that she doesn't need me quite as much anymore.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Terrible Blogger

I am really terrible at this. Most of the time I feel like whatever I might have to say isn't worth saying out loud, or in writing, because no one cares about it but me. So then I talk myself into not writing anything and end up with a blog that hasn't been updated since November. Well. Sorry. How about a general catchup...

We smoked two turkeys for both sides of the family on Thanksgiving which was delicious and fun. I went out that night with my aunt-in-law and mother-in-law for some black friday..or brown thursday as I prefer to call I bought a couple small gifts but didn't find much and fighting the people was not worth it. I did find the perfect comforter set for my bed though, on sale, at JCPenney. I love it. It's the Galaxy 10-pc Comforter Set and I did NOT pay that price for it. It looks fantastic on my bed because the walls are the cream color and my curtains are the brown..and green is my favorite color, so it's perfect. I almost didn't buy it, but my cohorts convinced me I could always return it if it didn't work vs not buying it and it going out of stock or something. So they were right. I love it.

Christmas was crazy. We planned to smoke about 16 pounds of pork shoulder for a large husband-side dinner/birthday/Christmas but the weather cancelled those plans. So we still smoked some pork, the gathering was just smaller. Still delicious. The husband's sister and her husband and toddler came up from GA to visit and it was really great. To see them and see how big she's getting. I got a Hoodie Footie from the husband and some really nice silver hoop earrings. The girls got me more socks (I love socks for some reason) and bath&body soaps. The girls got what they've always wanted, Deluxe Webkinz accounts and stuffed Boo animals, among other things. It was a great week.

New Years was uneventful, the kids spent the night with the grandparents, and we played Final Fantasy XIV most of the night. On New Years day we headed over to the in-laws to watch a bowl game (Go Hawkeyes! they lost.) and do some puzzles. I love doing puzzles, I just never make the time to do it.

School break started a day early due to snow..and was extended by two days due to super super super freezing temperatures. It was -40F here at some point with the windchill, -27 was a little crazy. So the kids stayed home, the rest of us worked and they finally went back to school last Wednesday.

We tried a new restaurant with some friends recently - saturday night - which was really great fun. However, I woke up at 230am on Sunday with what I think was food poisoning. I don't know whether to blame the pork belly from the restaurant or the frozen yogurt from the dessert place. Either way, I'll be avoiding both for awhile. After three days of queasyness - which feels disturbingly like morning sickness - today my stomach seems much better. So Monday I stayed home sick, and I kept the 6yo home as well because she's working on a cough/cold. Tuesday it was super super windy here, which was freezing some roadways, so school was delayed by 2 hours. So the 6yo agreed to ride the bus, since she had plenty of time to get ready and read and play beforehand. So loved it and Grandpa loved getting her hug when she got off. So this morning, she wanted to ride the bus again...and she did. So it's possible (shhh don't jinx it) she might be fully ok with school now. I'll still drive her anytime she feels like sleeping in a little, but it was really great to see her ready and happy to ride the bus with her friends. Now if she could just stop catching colds from all of them.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


That's right. I now am in possession of an ELEVEN year old girl. She's smart and tall and beautiful. She has loads of friends and she's learning the flute and she's started caring about what she wears and what matches and her hair. She still hates bath/shower night and going to bed for school, but she also hates waking up early. But she loves the bus rides and her friends and fifth grade. She's pretty fantastic.

This happened.

Friday, November 1, 2013


Happy Halloween everyone. I'm grateful that it's over. Halloween should be moved so that it's ALWAYS on a Friday or weekend. Week night trick or treating is just exhausting. The 6yo went as Batgirl and had the best time. She kept seeing kids that ride her bus, which was blowing her mind. Apparently kindergarteners do not understand WHY they're on the same bus. It was hilarious. The friend in the picture is also a kindergartener and they ran into another friend which blew both of their minds. It was hilarious to watch. And then the 6yo started trying to make play dates. "You wanna come to my house sometime?"

friends on a candy hunt
The soon to be 11 yo (thursday the 7th) wanted to trick or treat with her friends. I think I was misled on the plan, but it worked out ok. She went with her friends, and her pumpkin was overflowing with candy. She said it was the best time ever.
11yo and friend on the hunt
It was around 45 degrees so we've had worse Halloween nights, but it stopped raining about an hour or so before we went out so that worked out pretty well. The kids are so excited that they don't get cold, so the 6yo had gloves on but kept refusing her coat. The 11yo went with gloves but at the end she was wearing her jacket also. I was wearing my big winter coat with gloves and I was still freezing. It was a pretty good night, and they were pleased to miss bath night and go to school again with pink hair. Of course, the 6yo's cold got the better of her this morning and she's had trouble from both ends, so I kept her home from school. I still have every confidence she'll grow out of this eventually. For now, she's bored on the couch.

And now, more halloween cuteness.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Growing so fast

We had church directory photos taken a few weeks ago. I intended to buy nothing...and bought everything. It's a racket for sure, but the photos were good and we hadn't had any family pictures in awhile. The girls are growing too fast..they should stop that.

We also got photos of them individually which are so good. The 6yo is always suspicious and the 11yo is always posing. It's a funny and adorable combination.

The 6yo is also doing much better with Kindergarten. I've been driving her to school for a little over a week now so she's getting a little more rest and she's avoiding the carsickness of the bus. She's fine on the way home because it's a shorter ride. She's the 2nd stop, so in the morning she has to ride an extra 30 minutes after she gets on, but on the way home, she's still the 2nd stop so she's off pretty early on.

Also, a word of warning. I've been giving her children's claritin while she's had a cold, to keep the snot that ends up in her stomach overnight to a minimum. So I give it to her at bedtime, it keeps her from puking first thing in the morning. After a few days,t he claritin kicks into her system and Let's say that..Active. So I put her to bed on Sunday night at 8pm because they take a little bit to fall asleep and they have to get up at 645/730 to catch the bus/get to school on time. at 825 we hear thumping upstairs...what the...she's standing in my room.

Me: "What are you doing? "
6yo: "I'm not tired."
Me: "Ok, but what are you doing in my room?"
6yo: "Staying up."

She'd also gone into her sister's room and climbed up her loft bed ladder, shaking the bed a bit, as it does...and freaked her out as she tried to fall alseep. more claritin for a bit. The cold has mostly subsided so she can fight the rest. I'll not give it to her so many days in a row next time, giving it time to build in her system, hops her up.  The next morning she said she had been under my bed...I cannot even fathom why. She was hopped up :)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Birthday girl.

The five year old turned six a couple weeks ago. I know that I "should" have planned and thrown her a party with her friends, but it's just so much work. I'd rather wait until she's got a good group of friends and just invite them. Next year. Maybe. We had family come over of course, and everyone brought gifts which is really all she wants anyway.
She got clip on puppy earrings, lip gloss and nail polish, a new Lite Brix set, a new webkinz pegasus and some things I can't remember. She came with me to pick out a cake and get some balloons and I think she had a great day.
Hello Kitty lip gloss and purse, puppy clip on earrings
She still doesn't want to go to school. She still throws up before she gets on the bus nearly every morning. So this morning I drove her myself. She still threw up before we left, but at least the bouncy bus didn't make her throw up again. She'll ride home on the bus like normal (she never gets sick on the way home) so she'll still get to see grandpa (he drives it). And maybe someday she'll get used to this whole going-to-school-without-mom thing. I'll drive her as long as she needs me to.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I lied. School sucks.

I spoke too soon. It hasn't passed. She's puked probably 15 out of the 20+ days she's been going to kindergarten. I know its nerves because she's not sick and she only throws up before she goes to school. I put her on the bus, she's fine maybe 50% of the time, the other 50% she is weepy and sad. Sometimes she even throws up a tiny bit on the bus. This morning I tried children's dramamine, but it doesn't seem to be enough or in her system enough to get her on the bus. I'll try again tonight by giving it to her before bed and again when she wakes, maybe i can get it into her system enough to prevent the puke. Even if I can't prevent the nerves.

I'm 90% sure she has a good day when she goes. She plays and has friends and sees her cousin every so often. She comes home and says things were awesome. But every morning she doesn't want to go again.

Gah. It sucks. I hate it.  I really hope this doesn't last all year...but I have no indication that anything is going to change anytime soon. What would make it better? According to her, if i go to school to be a helper or something, that would help. Ugh.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This too shall pass

And it has! I think. I hope..I forcefully WILL it to be so. I put her on the bus this morning with no tears and no sadness, just a big hug and a wave. She was chatting up her neighbor friend before they got on and it was fantastic. I could tell she was starting to come around after school on Friday. She was saying things like 'I don't want to go to school...but I have to.' and then she'd talk about her classmates and she's remembered more names than I ever will. This morning was fantastic.

I also acquired some echinacea drops to give her periodically to help build her immune system as well as some organic vitamins with extra C and Zinc to help her fight whatever she does catch. Let's hope we can stay ahead of all the colds those kids like to pass around.

So. YAY for Kindergarten now. I am so relieved after that bus entire day is going to be fantastic. I can work alone, which I always knew I'd love when I got back to it, but I can also really focus because I'm not worried about how my baby is doing. She's great!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the last one. That was a rough week.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sad Kindergartner

I put the 5yo on the bus this morning, crying. She doesn't want to go to school anymore because she misses me and doesn't like leaving me. She asked why I can't be her teacher, or a helper teacher, or ride the bus with her, or something! Gah. Breaking my heart. It will get better..won't it ?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

School is IN!

Hooray for the first day of school! I have been waiting for this day for about three years now. I work from home which is awesome, but it's a little bit difficult sometimes to balance the kids with my work schedule. Today is the first day in five years that I won't be fetching someone juice or yelling at anyone to stop fighting. My oldest is now a fifth grader and she got on the bus this morning at 7:15 without any problems, she was pumped and ready for it. The Kindergartener was a little more hesitant, processing things as she goes, but her grandpa drives her bus so that was comforting for her and he called to let me know she got off with no problems. She climbed on at 8:05 with a weepy face, but no crying. Her cousin also goes to her school now, and so her uncle saw her get off the bus all smiles. So I feel like this is a beautiful beginning.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

I bought myself a treat

Since taking the motorcycle class last weekend, I've had bikes on the brain. The husband has been scouring the internet and local shops for the perfect bike. Yesterday we found one. I am now the proud owner of a silver with blue flame 2008 Honda Shadow. It's used, so we didn't spend too much on it, and if it doesn't work out to be a hobby I can continue, we can get our investment back out of it without much loss. So far, I LOVE IT. I've been taking it slow, learning the gears and shift nuances and driving around the neighborhood and no long trips yet. It's been really fun.

No I do not drive without helmet or proper shoes

Monday, August 5, 2013

Motorcycle mama

This weekend my stepmom and I took Ron Bandy's Beginner Motorcycle Rider class. It was so much fun and we passed everything and learned so much. We can now get Motorcycle licenses added to our drivers' licenses. So awesome.  It was important to really pay attention and work on the skills and my body is a little angry about it now, but it was worth it. I sort of want to buy my own motorcycle now, since the husband's 1700 is just too big for me to handle.
Melissa on the motorcycle from Melissa Anderson on Vimeo.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Kitchen Sink

Underneath my kitchen be more specific. That space is a mess.

I keep all my cleaning supplies down there, plus a vase or two. There are plumbing pipes to get around and a garbage disposal but just look at it. I'm clearly not using the space as well as I could. From all the organizer blogs I've been reading lately I think the solution is a combination of lazy susans and undersink shelving. I'm thinking something like this  and maybe something like this too, to hold my most used cleaners.

If OrgJunkie, OMF or OTO or anyone else happen to see this post..I'd love ideas for products to help organize this space better. I'm going to tackle it some time this weekend I think.

I also need a solution for all our CDs and DVDs. They're taking up way too much space on a storage shelf in the storage room of the basement. We don't even use the CDs since we stored all the music on our media server. That shelf could be much better used..I'm going to tackle that this weekend too, now that the super hot is finally going away (right? it IS going away isn't it?) and I won't be obligated to swim with the kids every single day.
these need to move, i could better use that shelf
I should have taken before and after pictures, but I'm super lazy so I didn't, but I rearranged the sort of hallway at the bottom of the basement stairs. You come down the stairs and at the bottom, toward the right there's a mini fridge and wine fridge, shredder and trash can. We're going to move the minifridge over by the couch (no pictures of that) and the wine fridge somewhere into the storage room. I'll likely leave the trash can and move the shredder into my pretend new office area.
bottom of stairs
 The door (on the right wall) to the storage room is there, with a wall. Along that wall we had a deck box with all our swimwear and towels (we have A LOT of beach towels) and a bookshelf holding all our games and some random books we were keeping for whatever reason. Anyway, since I'm selling the hope chest there's room in the storage room, I pulled out the hope chest, and slid in the deck box - perfect fit.
hope chest going soon, used to be bookshelf and deckbox here
 Moved a few other things around and pulled the bookshelf of games in there too. Now that wall is empty (well, once the hope chest goes it will be). I love it. And now I've sort of started imagining turning it into a nice desk area. Putting the main family computer down there, as well as using it as a place to work when the kids go back to school in August.
is this wishful thinking?
 There's definitely enough space for a small desk and I'd put the main family tower on the floor with the monitor on the desk, and a lamp (which I already have) and move the shredder over to this wall. Then my new laptop that's coming from the office, I'd work at the desk here most days, but it'd still be portable of course for summertime or if it got too cold down here. This would also allow us to get rid of the desk that's too big that's in our living room. It works ok, but it'd be nice to just have a chair there and no bulky desk.
this is far right wall in storage room, opposite the DVD shelf
I'll likely put the wine fridge on top of the pool supply cabinet, I think it'll fit best there and I might switch places with these things depending on where my outlet is. I don't love that brown shelf - it's the husbands from living at home eons ago with his parents. We'll see where that ends up. To the right is the deck box - which replaced the hope chest.
deck box
See, it fit perfectly and I intend to store the bin with the pool cover on top of it during the winter. And next to it is the bookshelf. There used to be a file cabinet there, but since I've gone all paperless and Fuji Scan Snap with our bills, we don't need it. Also, it had rusted leaving a giant pile of rust - which I thought were bugs or something. Gross. Anyway, that went to the dump. So this spot used to have the filecabinet and pool cabinet and I put the bookshelf here with all our games, arranged so the littlest one can reach her favorites. We don't need to talk about the golf clubs.
game bookshelf
On that bookshelf is a book called "Build your own x86". A book about how to build your own computer. From like 1995. But the husband insisted we keep it...for...nostalgia or something. I dunno. I'm on a roll though, I want to finish up this cleanup, see if a desk area really is possible here. I love purging and organizing like this.