Thursday, September 26, 2013

I lied. School sucks.

I spoke too soon. It hasn't passed. She's puked probably 15 out of the 20+ days she's been going to kindergarten. I know its nerves because she's not sick and she only throws up before she goes to school. I put her on the bus, she's fine maybe 50% of the time, the other 50% she is weepy and sad. Sometimes she even throws up a tiny bit on the bus. This morning I tried children's dramamine, but it doesn't seem to be enough or in her system enough to get her on the bus. I'll try again tonight by giving it to her before bed and again when she wakes, maybe i can get it into her system enough to prevent the puke. Even if I can't prevent the nerves.

I'm 90% sure she has a good day when she goes. She plays and has friends and sees her cousin every so often. She comes home and says things were awesome. But every morning she doesn't want to go again.

Gah. It sucks. I hate it.  I really hope this doesn't last all year...but I have no indication that anything is going to change anytime soon. What would make it better? According to her, if i go to school to be a helper or something, that would help. Ugh.


  1. Ugh, I am so sorry. I was prone to this as a kid, too, and it's hard to look at it through an adult's perspective and KNOW just deciding to move past it (instead of dwelling on it) makes everything so much better. But I'm not sure a kindergartner is capable of that!

    I hope things improve soon.

    1. Thank you. I did have to physically push her onto the bus one of the days in the beginning and that was the worst. It is not as bad as that anymore. Her grandpa drives her bus even, which i thought would be helpful, but it's really just torture for him to see her sad too. I think she does understand that she has to go and there's no other option, but she just can't fully commit to that yet. If there's any chance I can go with her or keep her home, she's going to try to take it.