Monday, August 26, 2013

Sad Kindergartner

I put the 5yo on the bus this morning, crying. She doesn't want to go to school anymore because she misses me and doesn't like leaving me. She asked why I can't be her teacher, or a helper teacher, or ride the bus with her, or something! Gah. Breaking my heart. It will get better..won't it ?


  1. Oh no! Poor kid. She will recover and it will get easier. Until then? Love how much she loves and wants you and take all the cuddles you can get :)

  2. She just got home and said it was awesome. I asked if she's ready to go again tomorrow "Ya I guess". I fretted all day. For nothing apparently. Kids.

  3. Doesn't mean there won't be drama again tomorrow! :) Hang in there.... I swear that this kind of stuff always works itself out.... your heart will break in the process, but you both will survive!

    1. Thanks :) She did better yesterday, but she talked as if she was ready for it today, so we'll see how this morning goes. She's also caught a cold already so that'll make for an interesting morning.