Tuesday, October 23, 2012

5 Issues in this Election That Matter to Me

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5 Issues in this Election That Matter to Me

I'm just going to list them, I'm not going to elaborate because I'm not really interested in a big discussion, I just want to make the list, link up and move forward from the last post.  You know what, I'm not going to do that. I want to write more than I want to write, if that makes sense so I won't likely be able to stop myself. And I'm not very articulate when it comes to politics. I understand what I believe and what I want to see happen, but I'm terrible at backing myself up with facts and details. It's also so hard to know what the truths are, when politicians are known for lying, regularly, to everyone. Important topics to me are abortion, healthcare v. health insurance, the economy and jobs, immigration, and many other things.  So..how about another list...of..the things I plan to do this weekend! The oldest had pink eye last weekend, and was working on her now full blown cold...maybe this weekend will turn out just a bit better.

  1. Go to the self-pottery place, start on some grandparent Christmas gifts. Use my groupon.
  2. Get the husband to edit the family photos we took last Sunday, print a few for ourselves
  3. Win the contest for $50 in shutterfly money so I can print the photobook I made last week
  4. Look through and build/decide on Christmas cards with the new photos we've taken
  5. Hit the dollar store and elsewhere to work on goody bags for the oldest's birthday party favors
  6. Make some lists of gift ideas for Christmas for those we want to buy for
  7. Organize the master closet - rearrange my clothes so when I'm hunting it makes more sense
I think that's it for this weekend...of course, laundry and dishes and general house cleaning is in the list as well..but those things are always in the list.

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  1. Yes, I need a weekend at home to work on projects. I have a family calendar I need to put together, plus a First Communion Album I never finished.