Tuesday, August 21, 2012

5 Things I Didn’t Expect About Parenthood

Today's post over at Mom of 6 is about the unexpected parts of parenthood. So..here's my list.

5 Things I Didn’t Expect About Parenthood
  1. I didn't expect my entire body to be so in tune to my children. If they wake in the night (even now at ages 4 and 9) I am fully aware of it immediately. My body comes alive with the awareness, which is both amazing and kinda frustrating if they don't actually need me. Then I'm awake for nothing.
  2. I never expected to say "Please do not LICK the Target cart". Watching my daughter (5 then) run her tongue along the top edge of the Target cart from side to side was unbelievable. I couldn't believe she was doing it, I couldn't believe I had to tell her NOT to do it. I was stunned for a bit on that trip.
  3. I never expected to be annoyed with them. I knew I was annoyed with other people's children, but I assumed that was because they weren't my own beautiful offspring. Turns out, kids are just kind of annoying sometimes. You power through. 
  4. I am really really unprepared (and unwilling?) to teach them about things like monthly cycles (we have two girls) and sex and boys and body changes. I am about to prepare myself and inform my daughter about some things (she'll be 10 in November) but I am not looking forward to it.  I'm surprised by how much I do NOT want them to drive, or to date, or to go anywhere ever. I'm also surprised by my distrust of their friends, no matter how nice and friendly they actually are. I'm in overprotective mother bear mode all the time apparently.
  5. I am also surprised that while #4 is true...I am really really looking forward to next year, when the 4yo goes to Kindergarten and I will be home alone all day. I work from home and the concentration it takes to be productive while managing a child or two is exhausting. I look forward to accomplishing much without fetching eleventy billion cups of juice throughout the day.
The other topic could have been 5 Things I would buy for myself right NOW online if I had the money and I really really kind of wanted to do that too, so....
  1. curtains for the girls rooms, to block the heat and light - http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Eclipse-63-inch-Twill-Curtain-Panel-Pair/5550268/product.html
  2. a curio cabinet to hold my dad's china..which was my grandma's china -stacksandstacks.com
  3. some custom motorcycle seats for the husband and myself and maybe a windshield as well
  4. a tummy tuck? In theory I'd really love one, but in reality its too expensive and risky 
  5. does paying bills count? I'd like to pay off what we owe on the new furniture, the motorcycle and have enough left to get ahead on the house maybe. 
That list of things I'd buy is a little bit lame. I need to work on my want list. I'm a little to practical to make this list I guess.


  1. I love your post! And I totally HEAR you about #3- kids can be annoying. It amazes me that I can be hugging and cuddling one of my kids... and then 5 minutes later they are acting like goofballs with their siblings and annoying me to death. How does that transformation happen so quickly?!

    I am so glad that you linked up with us for Listable LIfe! And by the way- I love your life list in your sidebar!

    1. Thanks! Sometimes we can have normal conversations and then suddenly it turns into a barrage of questions about inane things and our nice conversation has turned into something insane. Kids are funny that way I guess, keeps us guessing and keeps parenthood exciting I suppose :)

      I'm trying to keep my Life List realistic and doable but still non-everyday-things. Thanks! :)