Monday, July 23, 2012

I am impatient

The furniture guys are supposed to call today and give me a delivery window for Wednesday. It's 4:23 PM and they HAVE. NOT. CALLED. They better call in the next 35 minutes. I guess I'll try to be patient and give them a chance to call tomorrow, but if the delivery is scheduled ... OMG THEY JUST CALLED! Hahahaha. I guess I should work on my patience. My furniture will be here between 745 and 945 Wednesday morning. Super happy birthday to me! Apparently it was supposed to be delivered July 11th, but I never knew that until they called to change it. So I thought it was pretty cool it was going to be delivered instead on my birthday. It is a birthday (and mother's day and anniversay) gift after all.

Now I'm super excited. Tomorrow night we'll prep the room, clear the space and sleep on the mattress on the floor (good luck to us trying to keep the dogs off) and then we'll prop it against the wall Wed. morning before the husband goes to work. And then the room will turn AWESOME once it's delivered. I am ridiculously excited. Having the furniture means I can figure out what sort of artwork I want in the room and I'm going to buy some sock drawer organizer thingies to help really organize my drawers. We're sharing a dresser so we'll have less space so we need to use it wisely. I get my own matching nightstand though, so I am beyond thrilled about that. Holy Moly I cannot wait!

Tonight I'm going to work out. Before dinner. I have a new total gym workout dvd (we have a Weider knockoff but the dvd works) And then swim maybe after dinner..or just for a short while beforehand. Then I'll get back to work tomorrow and try to focus knowing that the furniture it coming the next day!

Honestly. I am so easily pleased. I cannot wait to see it and use it and be a grown up with real bedroom furniture!

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