Friday, July 27, 2012

I am a grown up with grown up furniture.

The furniture has arrived!

So, it was initially supposed to deliver July 11th I guess, but I was not aware of that. I find that a lot of the time if you don't call and ask, sometimes things just show up, or don't. In this case, they called to tell me the delivery date changed..even though I never had a date to start. Anyway. The new delivery date was July 25th. My birthday! Hooray! What's better than brand new furniture on your birthday. Nothing. Shhhh Nothing! They called to schedule and set it for between 745 and 945 in the morning. I went upstairs to get ready at 730 thinking I had 15 minutes (after working for about 45 minutes) and heard a truck pull up. Well. I guess I'll get furniture in my pajamas, smelling like waffles and NOT like toothpaste. Oh well. The kids were still asleep too, which was fine. I cleared a path and held the doors as necessary. After putting all our things away. This is what we have.

From the doorway

It is fantastic. We LOVE it.

From the door, straight in.
From my side of the bed, at the beautiful dresser and mirror
From the husband's side

My side of the bed

My favorite thing is my new nightstand. We've never had room for both of us to have a real nightstand until we moved into this house. Ten years ago. I've been using a homemade purple shelf thing for the last 16 years. It did the job, but wasn't pretty and didn't hold very much. The new nightstands - we each get our own - are beautiful, tall and fantastic.

My nightstand. My very own.
I love it so very much. This is my favorite part of it. I ordered some drawer organizers from Amazon and can't wait to find all the uses for them, in these drawers and all over my house.
My top drawer with a new organizer for my nail polishes.
We love it. We're grown ups. Adults with real furniture. The bed is super tall now also, which is both odd and awesome. I love a tall bed I guess. I've decided that if and when I find a beautiful comforter that I love as much as our old purple one, I'll buy it and go back to purple accents for this room. For now the brown and cream works really well. Now I need to decide on artwork and wall decor. I'm thinking three photos above the bed maybe, one of each kid and one of us (the husband and me). I'm going to take my time, so I get it right.


  1. Looks amazing!!!!! Good job choosing. I like the kid picture idea. Find an inspiration piece and choose everything from there! Then it all looks good. That is what I am working on!

  2. Congratulations on your grown-up room! It looks beautiful. And I love the nightstand :)