Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day

I'm not a fan of this "holiday". For many reasons.

1 - flowers die, candy gets eaten and lives on my butt, jewelry either gets lost or I just can't wear that much all at once, and the kid gifts are nice, know.

2 - my mother and I do not speak. We haven't spoken out loud for probably ten years. I haven't seen her since 1998. There's lots of story to that, but it's lame and exhausting and when I think or talk about it I work myself up into angry SMASHY moods so I try not to do that.

Mother's Day on the calendar makes it hard to ignore all of that. This year we're going to the in-laws for the weekend, to do some anniversary/mother's day furniture shopping. So that should be fun, plus we'll spend some time on Sunday with the husband's mom, which is nice for her and all of us.  I love them dearly and when my own mother bailed, mother-in-law stepped in as needed. We were newlyweds at the time and she's grown into really being my mother since then. Biology clearly isn't as important sometimes.

Anyway...I could do without the whole Mother's day stuff. It's really not any different than any other day. For those of us that do most of the mother-y things, we still have to because the littles aren't used to anyone else doing it. So while a 'day off' would be cool and nice, I'll take what I can get with the help of my in-laws and husband.  It'll be a nice weekend. If we can all get rid of these damn colds.

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