Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Good planning

So, over the last few days I've found myself trying to think of blog topics. Things I can talk about in April, when I promised to post every day.  I've been starting drafts with notes so I can remember WTH I meant to do with it. I also found a few old drafts that might make sense to use also. I figure if I can plan ahead a little bit, I won't feel like such a failure when I miss a day.

Is that cheating? I'm going to call it GOOD PLANNING.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Seriously? Lame blogging.

I just signed up for NaBloPoMo April. That's National Blog Posting Month..April. It means I'm committed to posting something every day in April. It looks like the prompts will be poem related, so I'll likely ignore that, but I WILL try to post at least something every day. I can do that right. It's only been a month since my last post. Sheesh, I have got to get it in gear.