Monday, January 30, 2012

Joy Dare: Day 30

Three old things seen new.

1. The shower! The old master bathroom shower has been removed and replaced with a beautiful tile shower. We finished grouting last night and it looks fantastic. Cannot wait to finish the rest.

2. Toys. The girls don't realize that they rotate their toys, but they do. They "lose" them sometimes in their own rooms or in the basement and then they rediscover them later and it's like brand new toys. It's fun to watch, although I do still wish we could just clean out piles of them. Someday.

3. the computer. Recently the computer has had problems with flash player, so we rebuilt it and I didn't re-install. So the girls haven't been able to play on the computer for some months now. I recently reinstalled the player, figuring at least they could play awhile before it started crashing the machine again. They're thrilled.

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