Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Joy Dare: Day 25

I'm really tempted to just do all the rest of these joy dares right now, so I won't miss any the rest of the month and so I can be done with it already.

One grace Borrowed, one grace Found, one grace Inherited

Borrowed: I borrow books from the library regularly. I LOVE the library. I am a reading fiend and my oldest is turning out to be quite a reader as well, which I am so very pleased about. The youngest also loves having books read to her and i'm guessing will be a reader as well in time.

Found: I don't really know on this one. I haven't found anything in a long time. Maybe I found my strengths in motherhood, or my strengths at work..and even finding my weaknesses could be considered a grace.

Inherited: Well, I guess I have inherited this pair of earrings from the husbands grandmother. She's still alive and very well, but she was cleaning out her jewelry and while it's sort of a morbid activity, I took a pair of earrings that I really like. And I'm glad to be able to wear them while she's still alive (and will be for awhile, in spite of her 'if i'm still around' regular comments) and will continue to wear them in her memory when she leaves us.

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