Thursday, January 12, 2012

Joy Dare: Day 12

Something above you, something below you, something beside you

Above me: The roof over my head. It's freezing outside today, and blowing snow everywhere. It's the first real snow this winter and while I'm not glad to see it I am glad it waited so long to show up. And I'm grateful for the roof over our heads. And for my husband's and my jobs that keep the roof in place.

Below me: about my treadmill, which is in the basement. I love that thing. Now only if my knee would start to love it again and we could all be happy together again.

Something beside me: A few minutes ago, the 4yo and I were on the floor, under a blanket, hovering over the heater vent. I love to trap the heat in the blanket and really warm up for a bit. So toasty. And having a cute companion wasn't so bad either.

Today has been a pretty good day. I've accomplished some things at work and preschool still happened in spite of the ridiculous snow and wind. No school for the 9yo because of "professional learning" days, so these won't be snow days to make up later either. All around, not a bad day.

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