Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Joy Dare: Day 1-9

Day 1: 3 things about myself I am grateful for
-my adaptability
-my smarts (whatever kind, I think I'm smart)
-my patience
that was harder than i thought.
Day 2: a gift outside, inside, on a plate
-outside: the weather this winter so far has been excellent, no snow or ice and 60 degrees in January is so rare
-inside: my cabinet, from my husband for Christmas, love it so much
-on a plate: hmm, a gift on a plate? teacups from my grandma-in-law
Day 3:3 lines you overheard that were graces
-i'm not sure i can do this one, I don't leave the house most days, so I don't overhear too many things outside my children's conversations.
-A few days ago, when we figured out how to get a friend to come to Awana with Sophia..I suggested her best friend from school if it could be worked out. She said 'that would be so cool, with a best friend!'. So sweet.
-Lexi, the 4yo, saying she loves both daddy and mommy (typically she chooses just one per day)
-the preschoolers running out of the school so excited and happy yelling 'mommy!' or 'grandma!' to their picker uppers, so sweet
Day 4:one gift old, new, & blue
-old: my diamond and ruby earrings, they never leave my ears, valentine's gifts (and some other holiday) from years ago
-new: pink VS robe, so comfy and warm after a workout and shower
-blue:my dishware, technically it has more than just blue in it..but it was a gift from the in-laws a few years ago and I love it
Day 5: something you're reading, you're making, you're seeing
-reading: So many, I love to read. 8th confession by James Patterson, Divergent is up next, then The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
-making:this list, my journals
-seeing: my own preschooler, going into school on her own, so happy to be there, and running out even happier
Day 6:one thing in your bag, your fridge, your heart
bag: local library card
fridge: Sunny Delight, the kids and I love it
heart: that's what this list is supposed to touch, right? open it, soften it perhaps? I'm grateful for the few good friends I have.
Day 7: 3 graces from people you love
-Judy: she shares my love of puzzles and books, and her son of course, and my children (her grandchildren)
-Lisa: we struggle with similar things, our children, exercise, work stresses, it bonds us
-Brian: we're in sync most of the time, with our goals and plans for ourselves and our children and futures, and we both LOVE video games
Day 8: light that caught you, a reflection that surprised you, a shadow that fell lovely
-light: The sun this morning, on the way to preschool. So bright, reminding me of how awesome this winter weather has been
-reflection: my own? Exercise and fitness and healthy eating is an obstacle for me, but I'm succeeding, and my own reflection shows me that
-shadow: I don't know. The shadow is still there, but there is also a beautiful baby boy there as well (I assume he's perfect, I haven't met him)
Day 9: a gift in your hand, a gift you walked by, a gift you sat with
-hand: my new car? our new remodeled bathroom (in progress), in my hand how? :)
-walked by: see above - my new cabinet. I walk by it all the time, throughout the day, and I run my fingers along it, because I love it. The style, coloring, functionality and because he drove 3 hours to pick it up for me.
-sat with: every day i sit at this desk and see the smiling faces of my children in pictures, and the rest of my family in pictures. I sit with them every day.

Ok..now I'm caught up. That was kinda hard, obviously I'm a better complainer. But I can do this.

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