Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blogular Motivation

I am having some trouble blogging on my own. As much as I tell myself I want to write, and sometimes I do write, with a pen, when I'm grumpy and need to complain. Those complaints - are trivial, stupid even, and I just need to write them down to get them out. So I don't turn them into grudges or fights that are so very unnecessary. So..to blog...and to bolster NOT building grudges...I think I need motivation. Reading Oh Dawn... this morning, she's taken on this Joy Dare thing. I find myself copying her a lot lately.  I hope that's ok. It sounded interesting, and I think I might give this a try. Finding 1000 joys in 2012. Here is January's instructions. Next post: Joy Dare days 1-10 :) What? I gotta catch up!

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