Wednesday, November 30, 2011


So I suck at blogging. There, I said it. I really really want to write all kinds of things. Blogs and novels and stories and diary entries, and letters to people that I love and to people that piss me off. But apparently I suck at all of those things. So... Oh, dawn... made a list of what she's thankful for, and I think maybe I should try that. An attempt to pull myself out of this weird funk I'm in.

So...things I'm currently thankful for....let's see...

1. My kids - they are really at the perfect ages. The oldest (9) is so smart and independent and fun and cautious and thoughtful and sensitive. Third grade has really helped her blossom. She's got great friends and everyone loves her, she's doing very well in school and LOVES school, which is excellent. The youngest (4) is also super smart, inquisitive, and imaginative. She loves preschool and is learning all kinds of things. She asks me questions the oldest never did, so she's giving me a clue about what a pistol she'll be in a few years. Then I guess I'll be grateful her sister is the cautious one.

2. Preschool - Thank GOD for Noah's Ark Preschool. She is learning so much, and socializing so well and it's such a nice break for me to focus on work for a couple hours. I'm really looking forward to next year when she'll be older and goes for three days a week instead of two (and in the afternoon so I don't have to rush around in the morning with two kids).

3. My Job - All jobs have drawbacks, but I love the work and I love most of the people and I'm grateful to have the flexibility to work from home and be with my children as necessary and still use my brain every day.

4. My family - Whatever our dysfunction, I love them. All of them.

5. Books - I live vicariously through books. In a related vein I'm super thankful for my Kindle and the local Library. I cannot imagine not wanting to read like I do, and I'm hopeful that my girls develop that love of reading as well. The oldest is well on her way.

6. Video Games - I love xbox live and the ability it gives me to mindlessly shoot people or things and get out some aggression without injury. Right now, Gears of War3 is my current addiction. I love it so much, it's probably unhealthy.

7. Financial planning - I'm grateful for our EdwardJones guy. For his advice and expertise in planning for retirement and helping us to grow our money to serve us best when we're ready to retire. He's also a really nice guy with kids of his own, so he's reliable and trustworthy, which is sort of hard to find right now.

8. My faith - as shaky as it is sometimes, my faith keeps me from running away screaming. I am a true believer. A Christian, follower of Christ. As much as I want to go to church, and don't, I still know He is always with me and hears me, whatever I need. And I rely on that regularly.

These are in no particular order - only in the order they occurred to me. I wouldn't want to indicate that anything was more valueable to me than my family or faith, but the order of importance changes daily.

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