Monday, May 23, 2011

New puppies

I have got to be the worst blogger ever. I find myself slightly jealous at the women that blog for a living, taking ad space and paying their mortgages with their online yammering. Yet I can't write two posts in a week's time to save my life. I guess there's a reason they're making money at it and I'm not. Also, I'm not trying.

So a couple weeks ago we got new puppies. Apparently we can only be without a dog about 2.5 months before we just can't resist puppies anymore. So we went to LOOK at the local pet store, just to see the puppies and kittens and fish and birds. And we left with TWO DOGS. We could not resist buying one, and when we found out she had a sister, well, what kind of monsters would we be if we separated them? Meet Molly (larger with white between her eyes) and Lucy (small, in charge). They're slowly but surely learning about peeing outside and ONLY outside, slowly..slowly. They're super cute and fiesty and playful and everything puppies should be. The girls love them so we're glad we have them, in spite of the training work ahead of us in the next few months.

Also, I haven't written anything to anyone about anything. I haven't written anything for myself, for my own plans. I haven't written. Hell, I could hardly write this. And I'm pretty sure my sister just had or is about to have a baby, but we aren't speaking (for what seem like good reasons), so I won't even be invited to participate in any of that.

So. Life is meh.


  1. Well puppies will surely bring a smile to your face. How can they not?! Hang in there!

  2. Aw puppppies! I can't go a year without wanting a new puppy. it's so bad. btw I'm totally jealous of people who can fund their lives through blogging.