Monday, January 24, 2011

Something terrible is happening...

I'm afraid to say it. I might be stuck doing this forever if I admit to it. Something terrible has happened.

I like exercising.

There. I said it. Fine, I like to exercise. I love my new treadmill. I LOVE LOVE that I can run on it for three minutes straight (2% incline, 5.0 mph) without dropping dead. I like that I even consider running a little longer if Ice Ice Baby is playing on my zune. I hate to turn it off in the middle of that song, it gets so little airtime anywhere. I thought I would just do 30 minute workouts, working off around 300 calories each time, every other day until I worked up to 40, 50, 60 minute workouts. These are preset workouts that came on the NordicTrack. Turns out I was used to the 30 minute workout pretty quickly and I've worked up to the 40 minute one. And that one ... ISN'T THAT DIFFICULT. I'm blowing my own mind. I'm going to keep on the 40 minute one for another week or more at least, before I try the 50 minute. The thing is, I also can't skip a day. I don't WANT to skip a day. So on the in-between days, I'm walking for 15-20 minutes and working off 150 calories. I feel like I can't waste any of the days not exercising, I should do something every day. I do try to skip a day so that it's really more like 6 days a week I'm doing some exercise. It's bizarre. I couldn't imagine being able to keep up with the 30 minute workout, or ever work up to the 40 minute, forget the 50 or 60 minute ones, never gonna happen. Now I'm wondering what I'll do when I can do them all without a problem. I'm gonna have to run that 5K I keep talking about. Shoot.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Anderson LifeCoaches

We're considering, although not seriously, opening our own LifeCoaching business. It feels as though we're surrounded by people making all kinds of terrible decisions. We have no counseling degrees, no psychological skills or training. We have an awesome grasp of common sense though. We'd love to sit down with [you] and give you straight facts about what you're doing and help you see perhaps another, less destructive path. Oh, you aren't going to listen? You already know everything about everything? Oh. Well, nevermind then. We'll try not to say 'i told you so'.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


So I guess since I wrote them down over at All&Sundry I should list my goals here too. Something about keeping myself honest or accountable or something, whatever.

1 – lose 20 pounds and keep it off. I just signed up at for the free daily plate thing which is cool tracking all my food.

2 – write some things down. i have some personal situations i need to address and i need to write some things down to get a feeling for it and what to do about it. i’m already using the treadmill to bun off 300 calories every other day, so i’ll continue with that as well.

3 – write some other things. i always tell myself, secretly, quietly, that i’d like to write something. something others might read, so i’d like to give it a real try.

Hopefully my complete inability to post here or twitter doesn't mean my third goal is doomed from the start.