Thursday, November 4, 2010

This week can suck it.

No really, this week can suck it. I'm over it, and totally tired of it.

Lice. I hate lice. HAAATTTTEEE. I think we've won the war but I'm still trying to be vigilant and keep an eye out for strays that could repopulate her head. Did I mention that I hate lice?

Bronchitis. So I don't hate it because it's not like it's around all the time, but on top of the lice, she got bronchitis along with some really swollen glands. Sheesh, kid can't catch a break.

Then we missed the bus on Thursday, so I was late to work, and then had to leave again to get some birthday treats to the kid's class since there's no school tomorrow. Holy moly batman, this day and this week has been one big bust.

Also got some news about a family member that makes me want to move far far away.

Please let next week be better.

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