Monday, October 4, 2010

random randomness.

A treadmill. We're thinking about getting a treadmill, which I'm unreasonably excited about. I want to exercise, I really do, and Step Aerobics is great, and the class I go to is great and the people are great and I love it. But I don't love the organization it takes to get everything lined up the nights I have step class, to make sure the kids are fed, homeworked and ready for bed the moment I get home. Forget about Wed. nights when we throw kid church in the middle as well. What if I could just go down to the basement, and walk/run down there whenever I wanted? Holy moly the possibilities. We're discussing it, perhaps as a Christmas present to ourselves.


Doctor visits. Is anyone else irrationally suckered by everything the doctor says? I am. They are the expert, the person with all those years of schooling and internships and practicing. They know. I don't. So when I'm in a situation where I completely disagree, I decline the service they're offering and nod my head until the appointment is over. Then I rant in the car, to the unsuspecting child/patient. I have no backbone.


Something else bothers me too. But since I didn't write it down, knowing I wanted to write about it..I can't remember.

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