Tuesday, September 28, 2010

goodbye diapers...soon.

Kid#2 has been doing really really well with potty training. Her big sister suddenly decided to be trained about a week before her third birthday. Kid#2 turns 3 tomorrow. So she's not quite going to make that, but she's going to come close it seems. The last few days she's been really really aware of having to go potty and tells me and we go and there's dry diapers and no problems. We've been using the Huggies Pull Ups, in pink princess of course, and I think Huggies has a problem. They've placed disappearing artwork on the front of the pullup. So if the child wets, the artwork disappears. This does NOT encourage the child to stay dry. This encourages the child to pee to see how cool it is when they disappear. So, to avoid the problem, I've made a big deal of NOT making them disappear, and I promised we can make the disappear at bathtime, with water. So we're good I think, but whose stupid idea was that. A better idea would be to have some sort of angry artwork appear when they pee, something scary. For kid#2 that'd be a stuffed ladybug. I know. Whatever. Better luck next time Huggies.

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