Thursday, November 7, 2013


That's right. I now am in possession of an ELEVEN year old girl. She's smart and tall and beautiful. She has loads of friends and she's learning the flute and she's started caring about what she wears and what matches and her hair. She still hates bath/shower night and going to bed for school, but she also hates waking up early. But she loves the bus rides and her friends and fifth grade. She's pretty fantastic.

This happened.

Friday, November 1, 2013


Happy Halloween everyone. I'm grateful that it's over. Halloween should be moved so that it's ALWAYS on a Friday or weekend. Week night trick or treating is just exhausting. The 6yo went as Batgirl and had the best time. She kept seeing kids that ride her bus, which was blowing her mind. Apparently kindergarteners do not understand WHY they're on the same bus. It was hilarious. The friend in the picture is also a kindergartener and they ran into another friend which blew both of their minds. It was hilarious to watch. And then the 6yo started trying to make play dates. "You wanna come to my house sometime?"

friends on a candy hunt
The soon to be 11 yo (thursday the 7th) wanted to trick or treat with her friends. I think I was misled on the plan, but it worked out ok. She went with her friends, and her pumpkin was overflowing with candy. She said it was the best time ever.
11yo and friend on the hunt
It was around 45 degrees so we've had worse Halloween nights, but it stopped raining about an hour or so before we went out so that worked out pretty well. The kids are so excited that they don't get cold, so the 6yo had gloves on but kept refusing her coat. The 11yo went with gloves but at the end she was wearing her jacket also. I was wearing my big winter coat with gloves and I was still freezing. It was a pretty good night, and they were pleased to miss bath night and go to school again with pink hair. Of course, the 6yo's cold got the better of her this morning and she's had trouble from both ends, so I kept her home from school. I still have every confidence she'll grow out of this eventually. For now, she's bored on the couch.

And now, more halloween cuteness.