Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Loft

So, the oldest has a lot of stuff in her room. She has her bed of course, and dresser and nightstand. She also has a desk and the barbie dream townhouse. It all fits...but not well. We had to turn her bed so it extends into the room so the desk would fit next to it. It doesn't leave a lot of space for playing or entertaining friends. So..after a search, we found plans for a loft bed by OP Loft Beds and the husband got to work last weekend. It was hard work, but so far..totally worth it.

She LOVES the bed. She can't wait to come home every day from school and take her friends up there to play and read and hang out. She loves to sleep in it too. I love all the floorspace she has now and her desk fits well enough underneath I think we won't bother building more than a shelf or two in front of it to hold some desk items. It's pretty awesome. I still need to talk her into purging some stuffed animals, but, let's just take this one step at a time.

Yes, the ceiling fan is a problem. We'll be replacing it with a regular light fixture and working out some other fan solution. She has a small clip on fan up on the bed for sleeping (and for ambient noise) but she'll need more airflow in the summer up there, we'll work it out. We also have plans to find an awesome bean bag chair and add some peace sign stencils to the white woodwork, to girlify it a bit :)

And no, I did not know that OP = orgy proof. Check the "How We Got Our Name" section of their site to learn more about that.

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