Saturday, April 6, 2013

Red Hair and IKEA

Wow I am an awful blogger. I've done a lot of organizing around the house, particularly the desk and office areas and I'm trying to be ambitious and organize the girls' closets and such. But after I take the pictures and what not I'm...tired...and lazy..and I haven't written anything about it. Maybe, one of these days when both girls are in school I'll sit down and write a real post. Anyway...I had my hair colored today, a coppery red. I love it.

Over spring break we went up to the Mall of America in Minneapolis and I cannot leave without going to IKEA. My family hates it, but I am nowhere near one, so I have to go when I can. I have been eyeing a new dining room lamp for about eight years now. Red shade, just simple, but nice. The husband bought it for me while we were there and it looks sooooo awesome. So much better than the standard builders light.


I love it so very much. Here's a few more :) The room is long, kitchen runs into dining area, runs into "fireplace room" which I guess is a living room. We read in there, the TV is in the other living room. the dark apparently

After...still in the dark

Before, from the other direction

After, from the other direction