Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Scandal and Ambition

So before you get too interested. I'm not involved in a scandal...please. I hardly ever leave the house.

I'm fully addicted to the show Scandal on ABC though. I'm seriously considering recording it regularly so I don't have to wait until it shows up on the ABCPlayer on the iPad to watch it while I'm on the treadmill. That's some good TV right there. And then last night I watched Castle (also on the abcplayer on the ipad) and saw Abby from Scandal on Castle. Worlds colliding. Awesomeness. Love both those shows. I love Scandal enough to record it and watch it faster than during my runs..but Castle is perfect for treadmill watching so I'll leave that one there.  #scandal


I didn't make any resolutions of course, because I hate to set myself up for failures. But I did get back on the treadmill regularly and I'm counting calories. It's paying off, I'm down about four pounds so far. I was a bit too ambitious though.I jumped on the treadmill whole hog and tried running. My knee was not too pleased. So I had to scale it back. Now I'm easing back into it. I am doing the treadmill preset programs - specifically the Weight Loss 400 calorie program. It makes me walk fast, walk uphill, jog a little and I'm not touching it for now. January is my easing-into-it month. February might be also. After that I'll start bumping up the speeds and working on redoing the Couch to 5k program. #ambition

See..scandalous ambition could have been the title too. Just trickery to make you read my mindless drivel. Ha!

Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm just so lazy

Hey. Not me, this isn't about me. This time. We decided to go to Applebees for dinner Sunday night. End the weekend well, eat well, not clean up after ourselves. So I told the girls we're going.

The 10yo exclaims "OH MAN! I wish I'd charged my iPod ! It's dead."

 I say "why don't you charge it right away, when it dies, take it up to your charger, plug it in".

She says "Because I'm just so lazy!"

Ha. There you have it. At least she admits how lazy she is.