Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stuck. Pitch Perfect.

Ugh. I am stuck. In a rut. Or something. I can't seem to get anything done around here. I am determined this weekend to get some things done. Saturday is the oldest's last soccer game (assuming  it doesn't get rained out..even then we might just call it done) and Sunday I'm hoping to get us out to a park for some family pictures. We also want to get pumpkins for carving and watch some football and have a barbeque with my family at my Dad's on Sunday. So it's...kind of a lot to cram in a weekend. But I'm still hopeful.
  1. get and send/deliver invitations for the 9yo's birthday
  2. brainstorm some party favor ideas for the girls that will come
  3. organize the game shelf that is moving to the basement
  4. organize the cabinet I gain by moving the games
  5. crop and organize the kid art I finally took photos of last weekend
  6. build a photo book for the oldest's 1st-3rd grade art
  7. do laundry
  8. reorganize the basement junk/storage room, it's become a mess since we closed the pool and the rubbermaid bin I have to hold the summer cover doesn't actually hold the summer cover...
  9. sell or donate or something my wedding dress
  10. figure out what we're doing with the photo printer that we never use
  11. figure out what I want to sell my hope chest for (craigslist...) and do something with the stuff inside it
  12. pay bills and figure out what's left for the non-necessities on our list
However, the very FIRST thing I'm doing this weekend is going to see Pitch Perfect with my sister-in-law and my dad's fiance. I CANNOT WAIT! Woo!

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