Friday, July 27, 2012

I am a grown up with grown up furniture.

The furniture has arrived!

So, it was initially supposed to deliver July 11th I guess, but I was not aware of that. I find that a lot of the time if you don't call and ask, sometimes things just show up, or don't. In this case, they called to tell me the delivery date changed..even though I never had a date to start. Anyway. The new delivery date was July 25th. My birthday! Hooray! What's better than brand new furniture on your birthday. Nothing. Shhhh Nothing! They called to schedule and set it for between 745 and 945 in the morning. I went upstairs to get ready at 730 thinking I had 15 minutes (after working for about 45 minutes) and heard a truck pull up. Well. I guess I'll get furniture in my pajamas, smelling like waffles and NOT like toothpaste. Oh well. The kids were still asleep too, which was fine. I cleared a path and held the doors as necessary. After putting all our things away. This is what we have.

From the doorway

It is fantastic. We LOVE it.

From the door, straight in.
From my side of the bed, at the beautiful dresser and mirror
From the husband's side

My side of the bed

My favorite thing is my new nightstand. We've never had room for both of us to have a real nightstand until we moved into this house. Ten years ago. I've been using a homemade purple shelf thing for the last 16 years. It did the job, but wasn't pretty and didn't hold very much. The new nightstands - we each get our own - are beautiful, tall and fantastic.

My nightstand. My very own.
I love it so very much. This is my favorite part of it. I ordered some drawer organizers from Amazon and can't wait to find all the uses for them, in these drawers and all over my house.
My top drawer with a new organizer for my nail polishes.
We love it. We're grown ups. Adults with real furniture. The bed is super tall now also, which is both odd and awesome. I love a tall bed I guess. I've decided that if and when I find a beautiful comforter that I love as much as our old purple one, I'll buy it and go back to purple accents for this room. For now the brown and cream works really well. Now I need to decide on artwork and wall decor. I'm thinking three photos above the bed maybe, one of each kid and one of us (the husband and me). I'm going to take my time, so I get it right.

Monday, July 23, 2012

I am impatient

The furniture guys are supposed to call today and give me a delivery window for Wednesday. It's 4:23 PM and they HAVE. NOT. CALLED. They better call in the next 35 minutes. I guess I'll try to be patient and give them a chance to call tomorrow, but if the delivery is scheduled ... OMG THEY JUST CALLED! Hahahaha. I guess I should work on my patience. My furniture will be here between 745 and 945 Wednesday morning. Super happy birthday to me! Apparently it was supposed to be delivered July 11th, but I never knew that until they called to change it. So I thought it was pretty cool it was going to be delivered instead on my birthday. It is a birthday (and mother's day and anniversay) gift after all.

Now I'm super excited. Tomorrow night we'll prep the room, clear the space and sleep on the mattress on the floor (good luck to us trying to keep the dogs off) and then we'll prop it against the wall Wed. morning before the husband goes to work. And then the room will turn AWESOME once it's delivered. I am ridiculously excited. Having the furniture means I can figure out what sort of artwork I want in the room and I'm going to buy some sock drawer organizer thingies to help really organize my drawers. We're sharing a dresser so we'll have less space so we need to use it wisely. I get my own matching nightstand though, so I am beyond thrilled about that. Holy Moly I cannot wait!

Tonight I'm going to work out. Before dinner. I have a new total gym workout dvd (we have a Weider knockoff but the dvd works) And then swim maybe after dinner..or just for a short while beforehand. Then I'll get back to work tomorrow and try to focus knowing that the furniture it coming the next day!

Honestly. I am so easily pleased. I cannot wait to see it and use it and be a grown up with real bedroom furniture!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Crushed by Responsibility

I am responsible.

I am responsible for dishes, and laundry, and general house cleanliness (I fail a bit..ok a lot... here). I am responsible for getting the children up and feeding most meals. I am responsible for keeping the kids clean and school registration. I am responsible for doctor appointments and dental appointments. I am responsible for waking them up and getting them ready for school or preschool or whatever day it might be. I am responsible for the dogs; training them, feeding them, scheduling groomings and vet care. I am responsible for my own health and the health of my family. I don't cook...very well. I am responsible to blame for my youngest's lack of taste (in food). I am responsible to keep myself as fit as I can, while keeping up all the other things.

I am responsible for the bills. I manage Quicken and make the decisions about when we pay what bills, when I get overwhelmed, the husband helps me out. I feel responsible to NOT spend anything extra when we own anyone anything for any amount of time. I feel responsible when the dogs chew something. I feel responsible when the kids get too annoying and we can't take it anymore and our voices get loud and then there's crying and hurt feelings. I feel responsible when I just can't read another book at bedtime because I'm aching to just sit and be.

I'm crushed by responsibility. I'd like to just relax and not worry about any of it. But I can't do that. It's not within me to NOT know when the bills are being paid or what our disposable cash flow will be at any moment. It's not within me to leave all of these things to someone else. Partially because I don't know who that person would be and partially because I don't think I trust anyone else to do it right.

(Lest anyone point out that I didn't mention these things...I am not responsible for the pool/spa, house appliance maintenance, the yard or the car maintenance. Thank heavens for that.)

I'd like to be just a little bit irresponsible someday. Maybe when all these responsibilities pay off we can be a little irresponsible. Being responsible is tiring.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In the bedroom

Oh stop it. This is about a bedroom remodel of sorts. We're waiting for the arrival of a new bedroom set, from HomeMakers furniture, made by Daniel's Amish. A new dresser that we'll share, taller than standard and two new nightstands. I'm sure I've mentioned it, but I am SO EXCITED to have my own REAL nightstand. I can hardly stand the waiting.  It's set to be delivered on my birthday (July 25th).

Right now, our room looks like we just moved in and have no more money to buy furniture. I didn't want to wait too long to put our old stuff up on craigslist because I wasn't sure how long it would take to sell.  Now that I've sold it, I'm thinking I could have asked for more or waited a week. If you recall, we had two large chests and one nightstand. I took photos and posted them on craigslist on Friday morning and then the husband and I moved out our clothes and moved it all down to the garage. I sold a chest and nightstand by 5pm. I had also previously posted our wrought iron headboard and footboard and that sold on Friday also at 6pm. So I had just one chest to go. And Monday a lovely woman came and took it. No haggling from anyone, just sold it all straight up, it was awesome.  Ok, that's a partial lie - I did come down $10 on the headboard/footboard..but it was 15 years old, still in great shape and I felt like I got my money's worth out of it and I was really really tired of seeing it sitting in my hallway.

So now we have this.

My side, boxes of nightstand gear awaiting a new home.

Husband's side, tv tray for a nightstand since we sold his. ha.

No clothing storage. I bought two bins for now and I intend to reuse them for school supplies and crafts or maybe extra lightbulbs. It's weird how many extra lightbulbs we have, balancing precariously on a storage shelf.
Anyway. I cannot wait. And then I get to figure out what sort of artwork or photography adorns the walls. I'm still not hugely in love with the brown and cream theme, but I love the wallcolor and the blackout curtains are really hopefully I can find artwork to complement and prettify it.