Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Kiss

A couple people have posted today about a Nivea free lip care giveaway thingy. Apparently it's only on Facebook (click here) so I can't enter. Facebook is lame and I quit after a few months. But the giveaway involves posting a kissing picture of yourself (or someone else I guess). So I went and found the picture I would post and was all ready to participate...and then it turns out its only Facebook. Boo.

This is the picture I would have posted.

We are something like 18 and 19 at the time. He came to see me at college for the day and we went shopping and hung out all day. The only bad thing about his visits was that he had to leave and I had to stay behind. I quit after a year. That place was a hole. Anyway..this is clearly a photo booth photo and we're so young. I know exactly what I'm wearing though, and if you could see the other picture you'd see I'm wearing a giant bow in my hair and my bangs are gigantic and nearly plastic as well. Oh the good old days of 1994.

Feel free to poke fun in the comments.

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