Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stuff I don't like.

Or maybe Stuff That Bugs Me would be a better title. I dunno. I want to make a list, so I am.
  • Not knowing what's wrong when a kid gets sick
  • inconsistent weather (I know, I know..move to [insert somewhere always hot here])
  • really bad kid shows like Barney, Tuff Puppy, I just cannot sit through that crap
  • not showering. I don't shower Tues/Thurs mornings because I can't fit it in with all the school junk, I shower after my evening workout. But when I also don't shower on Monday...wow. I don't like it.
  • when I accidentally change the channel and end up overwriting something I was recording. Oops, hope I can catch the rest of you later Candace Tells All
  • The judges decisions on The Voice right now
  • when the iPad crashes, which is ALL THE TIME
  • when my brain knows what to do but my hands can't figure out how
  • feeling like I'm never going to catch up on sleep
  • not playing GoW3: Horde for two weeks, I'm having withdrawal symptoms
  • my inability to NOT EAT JUNK
  • my inability to motivate myself to work out more
  • running. I do it and I like it some of the time, but it's soooo dull.
  • my inability to cook
  • my inability (and I really don't want to do this) to get up early to accomplish more during the day, it seems like it'd be awesome but I love my sleep
  • my dogs snorting and wrestling at 7am
  • dog #1 eating her poop
  • dog #2 eating everything else
  • The fact that everyone everywhere isn't listening and doing what I say. I guess the fact that I'm not the boss of everyone.
For the record, there are many many more things I don't like, but I'm not going to be that honest here. Ha.

Tomorrow..perhaps a list of things I love :) I've run out of pre-thunk ideas, so I'm making things up as I go now.


  1. Oh my... You are just having a stellar "ME" day aren't you. (as in my kind of day) I have these often. As you know! I will listen to you if you want. I will not eat poop, will send you a copy of my cookbook full of easy recipes one day, not watch Barney or even comment on your smell from not showering! I kid I kid. Hope that tomorrow brings a better day for you. This too shall pass.....like a huge hemmroid :)

  2. Haha, thank you. If you could just make sure that your cookbook includes what aisle at the store to get the ingredients, I might have a chance at making something worth eating.