Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Joy Dare: Day 24

Honestly, I give up on trying to do these regularly. I'll just do it when I get to it..and I'll be grateful when Jan. is over and it ends.

Three Things Blue

1. The accent color I intend to use in my soon to be remodeled master bathroom. The husband has been working really hard on it, and started cutting tile last night. The shower is going to be awesome. Twice as wide as before, clean, two shower heads, niches for our shampoos. So awesome. We'll also have a new vanity and sink and I think blue will be the perfect accent color to the brown tones of the rest of everything. I'll post about it, with pictures, when it's all done.
2. The sky. Even if the sun isn't out, I enjoy seeing the blue sky occasionally during the winter. Yesterday, not today.
3. Hmm. The ink in my pen is blue. I'm online all the time, my job is online, my friends, everything is online. But I still take notes on paper sometimes. I blame my children for my inability to remember things better so I make notes and keep written reminders of things. My favorite pen has blue ink. So..there.

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