Thursday, January 12, 2012

Joy Dare: Day 11

Wow. I missed a day. Again. I am really awful at this.  This one is also difficult, right now there are really only brown and white things outside. It finally snowed last night, and everything else is dead.

Three yellow things that strike you as fresh mercy:

1 - My big yellow chair in my living room. I've loved it since I set eyes on it over ten years ago. Still love it. Oversized, comfortable, positioned right in front of the fireplace. I think maybe I'll sit there and read tonight.

2 - Legal pads. I love to make notes about things, and I keep a bunch of legal pads to do so for work, and anything else I want to make a note of. I don't keep any of them, it's just in-the-moment notes.

3 - The sunshine, when it makes an appearance in the winter. It casts a warm line on the floor and the puppies love to lay in it. I love to stand in it and soak up the warm.

I will try to do this better.

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