Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Journal Schmournal

I tore out the pages of my journal a few days ago. I thought I would just keep paper and pen nearby  at all times, so I could write down the genius that flows from my mind. It turns out it's not genius. It's drivel. It's a record of my complaining sorry self. And I don't want to look back at that ever and be disgusted with myself. So I tore out the pages. The only thing I commit to writing down now are actual genius ideas that might make me a pile of cash. Highly unlikely to happen, so it'll be paper for the children soon I'm sure.

Joy Dare: Day 31
A gift found on paper, in a person, in a picture

on paper: A paycheck that covered the house payment and left some for us, thanks to back pay.

in a person: My husband. While grouting the tile with him, we had some laughs. That's my favorite part of marriage. The laughing.

in a picture: the 4yo brings home her drawings every tues/thurs from preschool. She's always so proud, but at the same time she wants to put them in the 'special folder' so i don't throw them away.  I will one day (after I photograph them for a photo memory book)


  1. Glad to see you still doing this! I love the laughter of marriage. I can't imagine having one of those serious marriages where no one cracks a smile! And yes. Paychecks are amazing. Just wish they were bigger and more often :)

  2. Agreed, more laughing and much bigger paychecks. I can't believe I made it through this joy dare, albeit off dates at times. That was hard.