Thursday, August 26, 2010

potty training

I was dreading potty training. Because kid#2 is much more opinionated, difficult and busy than kid #1 was, particularly when it comes to pinning her down to sitting on the potty and trying to pee. She's actually doing really really well though, peeing whenever I ask, and if I make sure to ask every couple of hours, she can keep a diaper dry all day. It's pretty great. Sure, I'm not diaper free yet, but it's definitely cutting down on the number I need to buy right now. It's slow going, but she's still a month away from being three and I think anything is possible in that time. She's a smart kid, she will figure it out.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

i wish

I wish there were more hours in the day.

I wish I wasn't lazy and didn't waste the hours I do have.

I wish I had an elliptical machine or treadmill...and room to put it somewhere.

I wish I could join the gym, and go, and still have enough time with my family.

I wish everyone in my life was more organized.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

i suck.

I'm not exercising. Ignore that last post. Instead i've decided to try not to snack so much. If anyone would read this, maybe i'd feel some accountability for that promise. But no one does, so I won't. But i'll try I guess. Exercise class starts up in September again, so i'm looking forward to it. I just wish I had some side passion that I could devote myself to, but then again, if i did, i'd neglect other things like work and my family. I just keep telling myself that when the kids are older, then I'll do all those things, like join the gym and actually exercise and get fit, learn to run (like couch to 5k), write a book (about what? i have no idea), make appointments for the dentist and massages and whatnot - all the things i put off because its too difficult to work around kids and also work a regular work week. Working from home is catching up to me i think. I can do it, and I do it well, but it's starting to take a toll. Jeez I'm complainy.