Friday, April 2, 2010

New Purse, I love you

So my former D&B purse started to yellow. I took good care of it, stored it in a rubbermaid bin, didn' t leave it sitting in the sun. I don't know why it started to yellow, so I contacted D&B and they recommend I return it to them for evaluation. A couple weeks later, I was given the option to trade it in, and given $70 toward a new one (at $140+). I love D&B purses, so I didn't want to keep the old yucky yellow one, and who doesn't want a new did it. This is my new favorite thing ever. My favorite purse for sure.

Blended Shadow Little Nina - in HOT PINK. That's not mild or easy on the eyes pink, its HOT fuschia pink. It's so awesome.

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